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Hello I'm Tyler Doerksen, a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft Canada. I work with companies in Western Canada to help them understand how Microsoft Azure can provide business value for their organization. I run design sessions or workshops for technical teams and use my Azure solution experience to accelerate time-to-value.

As a Microsoft employee I participate in technology communities around Cloud, IoT, Machine Learning, Media Delivery Systems, and more recently Mission-critical Blockchain solutions.

In my technology career I have been recognized as a Microsoft MVP by the Azure group, for my work in teaching about and implementing solutions using Azure services.

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Deploying Azure resources to multiple resource groups
Tyler Doerksen
Advanced ARM Template Development Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates provide an excellent, built-in resource configuration and deployment solution. You can find a wealth of templates for deploying anything from a Wordpress site on Azure App Service, to a full HDInsight cluster on a private VNET.

Tyler Doerksen

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