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Losing Data with Azure Blob Storage
Justin Self
We had a bug that caused us to write 0 byte documents to Azure blob storage. It was there for a while. We tried hard to find it. Eventually, we turned on blob snapshots which, instead of replacing a blob with a new blob on every write, makes a copy that you can promote at a later time. This week, we had a production issue where a blob had 0 bytes. We hadn't seen it in so long, we secretly hoped the problem was magically fixed by someone else.
Deploying Azure resources to multiple resource groups
Tyler Doerksen
Advanced ARM Template Development Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates provide an excellent, built-in resource configuration and deployment solution. You can find a wealth of templates for deploying anything from a Wordpress site on Azure App Service, to a full HDInsight cluster on a private VNET.
Debug PHP Inside A Container with VSCode
Simon Timms
Sometimes good things happen to bad people and sometimes bad things happen to good people. I'll let you decide which one me developing a PHP application is. Maybe it is a bit of a mixture. This particular PHP app was a bit long in the tooth (what PHP app isn't) and ran on full VMs. My first operation was was to get it running inside a docker container because I couldn't be sure that my Windows development environment would be representative of production, then I wanted to be able to debug it. This is the story of how to do that.
Avoid Death With C# Compiler Directives
Justin Self
Compiler directives in C#: they should be avoided. If they aren't, and you're using them to compile different code based on build modes (like DEBUG or RELEASE), then listen closely and do what I do... it'll change your life.
Using NodaTime with Dapper
Dave Paquette
After my recent misadventures attempting to use Noda Time with Entity Framework Core, I decided to see what it would take to use Dapper in a the same scenario.


JavaScript and NPM
DEC 27 - A discussion on the implications of blindly using NPM

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