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Installing an Azure Web App Site Extension with PowerShell
Dave Paquette
I recently ran into a scenario where I needed to script the installation of a site extension into an existing Azure Web App. The solution was not easy to find but I eventually got to a solution.
Azure Data Factory - a rapid introduction
Simon Timms
Azure is huge. There are probably a dozen ways to host a website, a similar number of different data storage technologies, tools for identity, scaling, DDoS protection - you name it Azure has it. With that many services it isn't unusual for me to find some service I didn't even know existed. Today that service is Data Factory. Data factory is a batch based Extract, Transform and Load(ETL) service which means that it moves data between locations. I mention that it is batch to distinguish it from services which are online and process events as they come in. Data Factory might be used to move data between a production database and the test system or between two data sources.
Checking in packages
Simon Timms
If there is one thing that we developers are good at it is holy wars. Vi vs. Emacs, tabs vs. spaces, Python vs. R, the list goes on. I'm usually smart enough to not get involved in such low brow exchanges... haha, who am I kidding? (vi, spaces and R, BTW) Recently I've been tilting at the windmill that is checking in package files. I don't mean the files that tell what version of files to check in but the actual library files.
DevOps and Microservices - Symbiotes
Simon Timms
Two of the major ideas de jour in development circles these past few years have been DevOps and Microservices. That they rose to the forefront at the same time was not a coincidence. They are inexorably linked ideas.
Terraform for a statically hosted AWS site
Simon Timms
Just the other day somebody was mentioning to me that they were having trouble setting up a statically hosted site on AWS. That was the kick in the nose I needed to get this article written as it's been on my back-burner for a while. Terraform makes the whole process easy.


Developer Accountability
JUN 7 - Should developers be held accountable for security breaches?

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