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Justin Self is a born and raised Texan. As a software developer, he has built online banking applications, peer to peer lending platforms, Fortune 100 e-commerce platforms and a slew of apps in between. As a Principal Solution Architect for Clear Measure, his focus lately has been on distributed .NET systems.

He didn't take the traditional developer route. He originally started out as a theater major. Once realizing that meant he would be a waiter for the rest of his life, he dropped out and became a traveling banker which obviously lead to a fruitful career in software.

Outside of work, he can be found in his garage pretending to be a woodworker or going on adventures with is wife and two year old son. Justin attempts to maintain a blog at www.justinself.com.

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Losing Data with Azure Blob Storage
Justin Self
We had a bug that caused us to write 0 byte documents to Azure blob storage. It was there for a while. We tried hard to find it. Eventually, we turned on blob snapshots which, instead of replacing a blob with a new blob on every write, makes a copy that you can promote at a later time. This week, we had a production issue where a blob had 0 bytes. We hadn't seen it in so long, we secretly hoped the problem was magically fixed by someone else.
Avoid Death With C# Compiler Directives
Justin Self
Compiler directives in C#: they should be avoided. If they aren't, and you're using them to compile different code based on build modes (like DEBUG or RELEASE), then listen closely and do what I do... it'll change your life.
Validating Client Is Sending Cert For Auth In Azure Functions
Justin Self
Do you need to validate a client certificate is being passed to a server correctly but don't want to muck with local TLS and webserver configs? I got you.
How To Be a Pretentious Douche Canoe
Justin Self
I don't know everything. But that's too much of an obvious statement to mean anything. I don't know everything and I'm ok with that.
Estimations and Mistake Driven Development
Justin Self
Mistake Driven Development, or MDD (because we need another TLA in our lives), is my thought process on how I grow as a human both personally and professionally.
Add some spice to your life with Resharper Templates
Justin Self
Do you use Resharper? Do you have 5 minutes? Awesome, let's change your life.
Extensibility In Message Based Systems With NServiceBus
Justin Self
One of my favorite things about message based systems is the natural points of extensibility you can gain. Though, you don't get it for free if you aren't setting yourself up for it.

Justin Self

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