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Microsoft MVP - Application Lifecycle Management

Director - LeanKanban University KCP Program

Principal Consultant - Depth Consulting

Dave White is an IT professional with over 16 years of experience in a variety of roles throughout the IT industry. Originally working as a developer, he's honed, evolved and expanded his technical capabilities in development and architecture and demonstrate these skills at a senior level.

He's also expanded his skills beyond technical areas into software development processes and methodologies, business analysis, project management, leadership, mentoring and training. He is a passionate Agile/Kanban practitioner and has deep experience with Microsoft technologies and platforms like Team Foundatoin Server and Visual Studio Online.

He loves helping organizations around the world realize their potential through maturing their software development technical and process practices. He is passionate about Application Lifecycle Management tooling, techniques, and mindsets and regularly coach, mentor and teach around North America on a variety of ALM topics.

Dave is involved with the Calgary .NET User Group in a leadership capacity, helping with topic selection, speaking, and generally enjoying the Calgary .NET technical community!

Interesting Certifications and Awards

Microsoft MVP - ALM (2014, 2015)

AKT - Accredited Kanban Trainer

KCP - Kanban Coaching Professional

PSM - Professional Scrum Master I

CSM - Certified Scrum Master

CSPO - Certified Scrum Product Owner

MSPD - Microsoft Professional Developer

MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer

MCTS - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

> Blog posts

A review of Scrum for Kanban Teams
Dave White
A review of a Scrum Primer for Kanban teams
Scrum with Kanban Class of Service
Dave White
Kanban's concept of Class of Service helps Scrum teams deal with emergent work
Scrum with Kanban WIP Limits
Dave White
A natural, easy first step for enhancing Scrum with a Kanban practice is a WIP limit
Nothing in Kanban Prevents Scrum
Dave White
Inspired by a colleague
Kanban and Scrum Together - Not so fast
Dave White
A colleague of mine who works at Scrum.org now posted a blog about how Kanban and Scrum are stronger together.
Hour of Code Challenge - Completed
Dave White
79 Grade 3 kids had a blast being introduced to the world of computer science!
Hour of Code Challenge
Dave White
I'm throwing down the gauntlet! I'm challenging my fellow WD members to get involved with Hour of Code!
Certificates for Everyone! Let's Encrypt in Azure with ASP.NET Core
Dave White
This may have been one of the most exciting things (from a web site owner's perspective) to happen in quite a while...
WesternDevs learn about Docker - Part 2
Dave White
Dislaimer This blog post serves two purposes: Act as a historical record of a conversation with a bunch of interesting links in context, and to share a bit of an insider look at how conversations happen in the WesternDevs slack channels.
Configuring Features for Many TeamProjects in TFS 2015
Dave White
One of the problems that comes with having multiple Team Project Collections and multiple Team Projects (in TFS) is the administrative burden required to upgrade or manage all of these projects. Security permissions, WIT modifications, configuration are all a 0..n problem so the more Team Projects you have, the more work it is, out of the box, to manage your TFS implementation.
Getting Docker running on Windows 10
Dave White
Just a quick post about a couple things I've learned yesterday and today. Docker is now available to run on Windows 10. I'm not going to go into the details as they are better covered in other posts, but I'll share the steps I followed to get Docker running on my Windows 10 laptop.
Using PowerShell to Set Your Azure SQL firewall rule
Dave White
If you've read a couple of my recent blog posts, you'll see that I've been working in PowerShell a lot lately. I've also been working with Azure a lot lately as well and I'm getting opportunities to put those two things together.
Using IE Automation in PowerShell to Simplify Browser Based Tasks
Dave White
As a consultant, one of the things that I need to do regularly is log into my client's WiFi networks. Sometimes this is a once per month task, sometimes it is a daily task. It was a daily version of this task that made me look into doing this a bit quicker. Opening Internet Explorer (or any browser) and then navigating to the page, typing in all of my credentials, and then submitting the request is a fairly monotonous task, and it isn't very quick.
Building a TFS 2015 PowerShell Module using Nuget
Dave White
Update: Unwittingly, I hadn’t tested my Nuget approach on a server with no Visual Studio or TFS installations on it and I’ve missed a couple assemblies that are required when loading the TFS Object model. I’ve updated the line of code in my samples, but just in case, here is the new version of the line in question.

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